'Visual Digital Culture' Book by Darley, AndrewA Conversation with Kate Steciw - InterviewA History of Menstrual Activism
A Simulation of the Real - Photography in the Digital WorldA Still Life of A World That is never Still - Kate SteciwAesthetic Formalism - Definition - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Art Daily: Guggenheim Museum examines new developments in contemporary photographyArt Margins: Foto-Modernity in Central Europe 1918-1945Art Movements Through Photography - Lecture
Article - The New Visual Literature' Laszlo Moholy-Nagys Painting, Photography, film. PDFArtie Vierkant - The Image Object Post Internet - EssayArtslant New York - Photography is Magic: Charlotte Cotton on How the New Generation of Image Makers Are Like Illusionists
Before Digital: Hannagh Hoch and the Dada Montage - Journal of Digital Imaging ArtistsCan Art Make Nanotechnology Easier to Understand? National Geographic NewsContemporary Trends in Photography - Lecture
Edward WestonFact and Fantasy in Nanotech Imagery, David S. GoodsellFoam 38 'Under Construction' - Making the case for New Formalism
Frederick SommerFrieze magazine article - Christopher Bedford in discussion wiht photographers Walead Beshty, Liz Deshenes and Eileen QuinlanFrom Nautilus to Nanobo(a)ts: The Visual Construction of Nanoscience
Germaine Krull - The Modernist Photographer that time forgotHannah Höch: art's original punk - The GuardianInventing Modernism
Is Foams Talent Issue (still) the Future of Photography? Interview with Director Marcel FeilJessica Eaton: From 50 shades fo grey to the hottest photography around - The GuardianJessica Eaton Photographer - New Formalism
Joel Colberg = The Conversation of Photography - New FormalismKate Steciw Photographer - in Art in AmericaKey ideas of the Modernist Photographer Laszlo Moholy Nagy
LUMA - Modern Photography in the First Half of the 20th CenturyLazlo Moholy Nagy - Light PaintingLazlo Moholy Nagy - Photograms
Making Strange: On Victor Shklovsky - The NationMan Ray - Rayograph - 1922Man Ray Photograms
Modernism - Form Follows Function - YoutubeMoholy Nagy - 'The Fiery Stimulator' The GuardianMoma - New Photography 2013
Nanotech, blur and Tragedy in recent artworks by Gerhard RichterNanotechnology - The Visible and the InvisiblePHOTOGRAPHY VIEW; THE VISUAL WIT OF MOHOLY-NAGY New York Times
Paul Strand - Photographer - Wall St 1915PhotoMonitor - Photography Eats itself? 'Metapicturism' at the 2015 Unseen Photo FairPhotography and Visual Culture Wikia
Photography and the bodyPhotography is not magic: Photographic Images and their digital spiritPreview of Foam 38 - Under Construction
Safety in Numbness - Essay by David CampanyThe Avant Garde and the War - The Visual Arts between 1914 and 1918The Decades That Invented the Future, Part1:1900-1910
The Image Object Post PhotoshopThe Metrolpolitan Museum of Art - Paul Strand - (1890-1976)The Photographers Gallery Blog - Essay - What is 21st Century Photography?
Top ten collage artists: Hannah Hoch to Man RayWalter Benjamin - The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction - EssayWounded Visionaries - Impact of the First World War on Artists - The Guardian
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